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Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department

Department Leadership

Dedicated Leadership for a Safer Community

Here, dedication, bravery, and community converge. At the core of our operations is a team of devoted leaders who not only display exceptional firefighting and emergency response capabilities but also embrace a spirit of service and commitment to the well-being of our community. Our leadership team, consisting of experienced and passionate volunteers, directs our company with steadfast dedication, guiding our firefighters and first responders as they protect and serve the residents of Brookfield. Join us in honoring the individuals who lead by example, dedicating their time and expertise to ensure that when the call for help is heard, Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department Candlewood Company Inc. responds with professionalism, compassion, and excellence.

Operational Officers

Gary Gramling

Fire Chief

Gregory Beck

Assistant Chief

John Quarto


Luis Rodrigues


Troy Morin


Wilson Wagner


Executive Leadership

Ryan Murphy


Jeffrey Dunkerton

Executive Vice President

Jason Ferraro

Membership Vice President

Jason Ginsberg


William Perrone

Sergeant At Arms

Ryan Richards

Member At Large

Andrew Pflomm

Member At Large