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Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department

Department Members

Profile of Protection: The People Powering Brookfield

BVFD Candlewood Company Inc.

Our Dedicated Active Members

Our Members page is a tribute to the brave and committed individuals who form the core of the Candlewood Company. Here, we proudly showcase each member, highlighting the diverse roles and responsibilities they fulfill. From the firefighters and EMTs who rush into action, to the support staff and volunteers who ensure our operations run smoothly, every person is integral to our mission to protect and serve. Their steadfast dedication to community safety and their passion for service are the driving forces behind our success. We invite you to meet the faces behind the helmets and discover the stories within our ranks as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence and teamwork.

Jack Anderlot

Gregory Beck

Matthew Camarota

Colin Denton

Sabrina DiGianvincenzo

Jeffrey Dunkerton

Christopher Ferrara

Jason Ferraro

Jason Ginsberg

Gary Gramling

Paxton Higgs

Eoin Kavanagh

Iman Khan

Anthony Masella

Ryan Meyers

Maurice Moriarty

Troy Morin

Ryan Murphy

Kieran O’Connor

William Perrone

Michael Perrone

Andrew Pflomm

John Quarto

Matthew Rabadi

Nico Radeschi

Ryan Richards

Kevin Riley

Luis Rodrigues

Dylan Stuart

Drew Wagner

Wilson Wagner

BVFD Candlewood Company Inc.

Our Life Members

The Life Members of the Candlewood Company represent the pinnacle of dedication and service. These honored individuals have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the department and the community over many years. Their enduring contributions have not only shaped our present capabilities but also continue to inspire future generations of firefighters. Life Membership is a prestigious acknowledgment of their significant impact and unwavering loyalty to our mission of safety and service.

Kate Beers

Fred Blackburn

James Bond

Daniel Cipolla

Frank Cipolla Sr

Harold Eckman

William A. Grund

Chuck Mayforth

Donald McMillan

Harold Nohe

Charles Stroup

Robert Watson

Art Hurley


Dominic Cipolla


William Keating


Jack Capone


William Gleissner


Robert Gramling


Robert Joyce


Jack Fox


Norbert Lopes


Bertram M. Martus


Lee Masten


Steve DeFreisse


Gerald Tomanio


Robert Kapple Sr.


Vincent Elsenboss


Roger Potter


Michael Rafferty


Stephen O’Reilly


Douglas Fisher


Robert Fish


Kevin Schilling


Honorary Members

Honorary Members of the Candlewood Company are distinguished individuals who have contributed significantly to the department, albeit often from outside the front lines. These members are recognized for their extraordinary support, advocacy, or service that has greatly benefited our organization and community. Their involvement and dedication, though not in active firefighting roles, play a crucial role in our ongoing success and community outreach. Honoring them as Honorary Members underscores our appreciation for their invaluable contributions to our mission and legacy.

Wayne Gravius

Year Honored: 2021

Ayman Hawli

Year Honored: 2019

Eli Hawli

Year Honored: 2019

Mark Favale

Year Honored: 2016

Paul “Butch” Garizio Jr.

Year Honored: 2003