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Firefighters Preparing for Winter Emergencies


As we enter freezing temperatures, our team at Candlewood Company is diligently training for the emergencies we might encounter this time of year. Last night, our members practiced cold water rescue training in Candlewood Lake. Using specialized equipment designed to operate in colder temperatures, we focused on making efficient and effective rescues while ensuring the safety of our rescuers.

During this training session, our members utilized ice rescue suits, ropes, and other essential gear to simulate real-life cold water rescue scenarios. These exercises are crucial for developing the skills needed to perform rescues in icy conditions, which are common during the winter months. Our team practiced various techniques, including how to safely approach and extract individuals from freezing water, as well as how to protect themselves from the harsh elements.

At Candlewood Company, we are committed to continual training to ensure our members are always prepared for any situation. Our dedication to public safety drives us to stay sharp and ready to respond, no matter the weather conditions. Through these rigorous training exercises, we reinforce our commitment to protecting and serving the Brookfield community, even in the most challenging environments.