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Enhancing Skills with Low Angle Rope Rescue Training


Last night, our team at Candlewood Fire focused on low angle rope rescue training, a critical skill for many emergency scenarios. Members practiced using a rope system to safely lower rescuers and a stokes basket down a slope to reach a simulated victim.

This training session involved setting up a secure rope system, ensuring all members were proficient in knot tying, anchor building, and safely managing the descent and ascent of the rescuers and the stokes basket. These exercises are essential for preparing our team to handle real-life situations where victims may be trapped or injured on steep terrains.

At Candlewood Fire, we are dedicated to continuous training to maintain our readiness for any emergency. By honing our low angle rope rescue skills, we ensure that our team is equipped to perform rescues efficiently and safely, further demonstrating our commitment to protecting and serving the Brookfield community.