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Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department

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Swift Water Rescue Training in the Still River


On Monday, 11/6/23, at 7:00 PM, Candlewood Company conducted a swift water rescue training drill in the Still River. During this session, our members practiced essential swimming techniques, rescue rope throwing, and victim rescue procedures. With the increasing frequency of stronger storms and flooding conditions, it’s crucial that we continually enhance our skills to handle new emergencies and ensure the safety of our community.

Training in swift water rescue is vital as it prepares us for the challenges posed by fast-moving water during floods. Our team worked on mastering the techniques necessary to perform rescues safely and effectively, reinforcing our commitment to being ready for any situation.

Always remember:
🚨 Never drive through standing or moving water.
🚨 Always supervise children in and around water.
🚨 Never walk into fast-moving water.
🚨 Call for help and stay in a safe area.

At Candlewood Company, our ongoing training and preparedness efforts are key to protecting and serving the Brookfield community, no matter the conditions.