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Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department

Training for Excellence in Search and Rescue

Last Monday, our members participated in an intensive training session focused on search and rescue basics. The training took place in a simulated house fire environment, where we honed our skills in locating rescue mannequins under near-zero visibility conditions. Utilizing a smoke machine and smoke simulator mask inserts, we created a realistic scenario to challenge ourselves in navigating and searching effectively despite the thick smoke.

Firefighters Preparing for Winter Emergencies

As we enter freezing temperatures, our team at Candlewood Company is diligently training for the emergencies we might encounter this time of year. Last night, our members practiced cold water rescue training in Candlewood Lake. Using specialized equipment designed to operate in colder temperatures, we focused on making efficient and effective rescues while ensuring the safety of our rescuers.

Enhancing Skills with Low Angle Rope Rescue Training

Last night, our team at Candlewood Fire focused on low angle rope rescue training, a critical skill for many emergency scenarios. Members practiced using a rope system to safely lower rescuers and a stokes basket down a slope to reach a simulated victim.

Swift Water Rescue Training in the Still River

On Monday, 11/6/23, at 7:00 PM, Candlewood Company conducted a swift water rescue training drill in the Still River. During this session, our members practiced essential swimming techniques, rescue rope throwing, and victim rescue procedures. With the increasing frequency of stronger storms and flooding conditions, it’s crucial that we continually enhance our skills to handle new emergencies and ensure the safety of our community.